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There is a whiteboard hanging on the wall that I see every time I walk out of my office.  It has been used in the past for brainstorming, for planning, and for visually depicting the new way we do business.  For several weeks it has been blank.  This morning I wrote two simple sentences on the whiteboard.  1.  How do we get better today?  2.  How do we make our clients better today? 

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, it seems everyone I know, and especially health care providers, are as busy as ever, sometimes just trying to keep the ship afloat.  To say the last year has been a challenge for everyone, both professionally and personally, would be an understatement.  The default setting when things get difficult, or when things don’t go our way, is to throw blame, rather than looking at our part in the situation. (At this point you are probably saying to yourself, Gary, what does this have to do with compliance?)  In reality, it has everything to do with compliance.  The primary objectives of an effective compliance program is to detect and deter bad activity.  We do that by having good systems in place and ensuring those systems work to achieve the objectives.

If you take a moment and ask yourself “how is my life, my organization, my daily activity, different that it was this time last year” my guess is the answer will be “dramatically different.”  The world of health care has changed in many ways, yet very few organizations have taken the time to change the compliance program to keep up with their new way of doing business.  Providers are encouraged to take a moment, grab a cup of coffee, and look at how the compliance program may need to be changed to address the way things are done now.  Likely the changes will be more tweaks than a major overhaul, but it is very important to make sure the compliance program matches how operations function.  So ask yourself, as it comes to compliance, how can we get better today?

Most business leaders get frustrated when employees don’t do the right thing.  You shouldn’t have to convince people to do what is right.  MCA builds a compliance program and a culture where employees to the right thing, the right way, at the right time so you can focus on taking care of the people you serve.

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